Nick Halsey is an Engineer, Composer, and Designer in Portland, Oregon. He recently completed his B.S. in Civil Engineering (Building Science) at the University of Southern California, with a minor in Musical Studies (Composition) and is currently working on a M.S. in Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering). Architecture, engineering, and the built environment are his primary passions, along with a creative drive to constantly make things. In addition to music composition, this often manifests itself inĀ digital works ranging from software (via WordPress) to sheet music, photography, and digital art. Nick’s digital projects can be found at

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Many projects are available for free online, based on the benefits of open and collaborative exchanges of ideas. In addition to over 100 music compositions and arrangements in hisĀ Sheet Music Library, Nick has donated countless hours to the WordPress open source project, focusing on advancing user experience through live preview in core as well as over 20 free plugins.

Some of Nick’s largest and most active online work is here: